Thursday, April 25, 2019

Lake Effect Snow Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Lake Effect one C - Research Paper ExampleLake snow effect usually happens during the winter and in particular the Midwest when the area is dominated by frigid cP or cA and clear air (Ahrens 207). The specific areas where the lake effect snows are notorious are the easterly and southern shores of the Great Lakes (Geerts 1). When such a phenomenon occurs, the people in this region get prepared for expectant snow showers. These storms are highly localized and they extend only a few kilometers to more a hundred kilometers inland. The snow basically falls as squall or heavy shower in the concentrated zones. The snow is very much centralized such that a part of the city whitethorn accumulate several centimeters of the snow, while in another the ground has nothing (Ahrens 207). Lake effect snow is uncontrolled from the month of November to January. During these months, cold air moves over the lakes when they are relatively warm and not quite frosty (Ahrens 207). The difference betwee n air and water temperature can be as high as 25 degrees centigrade. Studies conducted have indicated the greater the difference in the temperature, the higher the probability of having a snow shower.Causes of Lake effect SnowIt is imperative to note that the snowfall is not caused by the proximity of the ocean or the mountains and the difference is not because the eastern and the southern shores are cooler than the regions surroundings in fact, they are only a teeny warmer than the surrounding shores.

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